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Produced water and the environment

Producing oil and gas without violating the marine environment thrives the need for the industry to continuously focus on improving available technology and developing new.

Are the emission limits realistic and possible to achieve?

Working with Produced Water Management you can influence how to approach new solutions to challenges the industry is facing.

The Tekna conference gather about 100 delegates dedicated to the topic whom also are willing to share knowledge and experiences with the purpose to improve the environmental

Program 2022

The abstract submission process is now closed.

The technical committee is now reviewing abstract and forming the program for January 2022 which will be a mix of submitted abstracts and invited papers. 

There will be presentations held by key players from operators, regulators, engineering contractors, equipment suppliers, service companies and research organizations. 

Main focus will be how to improve available technology, hear case histories and harvest vital experiences from those.
We will look at environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, look at new technolgy that leads to less footprint for the industry.

Should you wish to forward an abstract, you can send to lio@tekna.noo lio@tekna.no

Stay updated

Tekna co-operates with major industry actors to ensure the high quality and relevance of content.

Tekna strive to present the latest findings in the field from devise research bodies, technology suppliers and the authorities.

The life of the conference depending on contributions from the industry  and their willlingness to share project- and field experiences,  spot-on competence and  innovative solutions towards a more sustainable industry.

This conference is a place for the industry to keep each other updated,
meet fellow colleagues, discuss challenges and solutions in an informal format

Will  you and your colleagues be there? 

We hope to see you in Stavanger in January