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Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 2023

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Tuesday 14 March 2023


Short Course

Energy Transition and Production Chemistry

Speakers TBA


Dinner in the hotel restaurant



Wednesday 15 March 2023



Chair 2023 Øystein Birketveit, SLB Production Chemicals, Norway


Key Note

The story of a new production chemist

K. Madsen, Ø. Strand, L. Lid, G. Ryste, L. Iversen, SLB Production Chemistry, Norway

Energy Transition

Chair: Øystein Birketveit, SLB Production Chemicals, Norway


1 The Impact of Net Zero on Production Chemistry

Stephen Heath, Creative Chemical Solution, UK

Stephen Heath, Creative Chemical Solution, UK


2 Value-added Decarbonatization via Carbon Dioxide Conversion to Cyclic Carbonates

Xiaofeng Wang, Analette Carrasco, Catherine Blackwell, Douglas Nugent, Corby Roberts, Onome Ugono, Sankaran Murugesan, and Jerry Weers, Baker Hughes, USA and UK


Break and Refreshments


Chair: Gordon Graham, Scaled Solutions and Kristian Sandengen, Equinor


3 Scale Control in Long Horizontals Producing Through Complex Reservoir Facies:

A Case History from Edvard Grieg

Gaël Chupin, Lisbeth Iversen, Aker BP, Elisabeth Finstad, John Arne Hermundstad, Alexander Nelson, SLB Production Chemistry, Norway


4 Development of a Process for Producing Realistic Scale Deposits

on Field Bore Tubing to Test Removal Methods

Andrew Fyfe, David Nichols, Gordon Graham, Scaled Solutions LTD, UK Jone Waage, Aker BP, Norway


5 Is Hyme field scale protected after six years shut-down?

Olav M. Selle, Dorota Dudasova, Equinor ASA, Alex Thornton,Terje Bratseth, Clariant



EOR - Enhanced Oil Recovery

Chair: Gordon Graham, Scaled Solutions and Steve Heath, Creative Chemical Solutions


6 Impact of Pressure Variation on Brine Composition and Calcite Saturation

Index in Production Wells during CO2-WAG EOR in Carbonate Reservoirs

J. B. Gusmao and E. J. Mackay, Heriot-Watt University, UK


7 Optimization of Cyclic Polymer Flood in a Heterogeneous Reservoir

Oscar Vazquez, Moosa Al Habsi and Elokda Mohamed Elokda, Heriot-Watt University, UK


Break and Refreshments


Chair: Gordon Graham, Scaled Solutions and Steve Heath, Creative Chemical Solutions


8 Mercury distribution in the oil & gas value chain way

Eleni Panteli, Equinor ASA, Nor


9 Modelling Elemental Mercury Partitioning and Transport:

-A Case Study of Fenris: A New Offshore High Pressure, High Temperature Gas-Condensate Field

A.R. Farrell, G.M. Graham, D. M. Frigo, Scaled Solutions LTD, UK B-A. Hugaas, Chr. Vikre, Aker BP, H. Mohorikar, Aker Solutions, Norway


End of day one


Social Event


Registration Oil FIeld Chemistry Synposium

Hotel Lobby


Dinner in the hotel restaurant

Thursday 16 March


Chai: Sylvi Høiland, Equinor and Kolbjørn Johansen, Aker BP


10 Improving Scale Management by Combining Digital Tools to Calculate

Ion Values from Individual Subsea Wells in Co-mingled Flow

W. Keogh, C. Møinichen, R. Ejventh, K. Espedal Jemsby, Ø. Birketveit, SLB Production Chemistry, R. Nautnes, OKEA ASA, Norway


11 Formation waters on NCS. Which minerals are at saturation

and why didn’t CaSO4 form on the Oda field?

Kristian Sandengen, Equinor ASA, Norway


12 Cost Effective Production Chemical Program Management using Big Data

Jonathan Anthony Collins and Kathiravan Silvam Baker Hughes, UK


Break and Refreshments


Sylvi Høiland, Equinor and Kolbjørn Johansen, Aker BP


13 Development of a suitable corrosion inhibitor for MEG regeneration and reclamation systems

Abdulati Rafefi & Adedamola Adelusi, Baker Hughes, UK


14 Implementation of a new corrosion and scale control strategy for a subsea multiphase

transport pipeline – how we managed the challenges

I. Andersen Johnsen, A-M. Koren Halvorsen, K-A. Lian, M-E.Planting Skjeldnes, E.Storås, R.Fjær Rosvold, All Equinor ASA, Norway

H2S Challenges

Chair: Sylvi Høiland, Equinor and Kolbjørn Johansen, Aker BP


15 High H2S Sour Condition CI Evaluation Challenges

Scott Fairley, Hunter Thomson, Rodney Madjitey, Caroline Simpson, Gordon M. Graham Scaled Solutions Ltd, UK


16 Development and Modelling of the Test Methodology for Iron Sulphide (FeS) Scale Prediction

Khosro Jarrahian, Ken Stuart Sorbie, Heriot-Watt University, UK Giulia Ness, Flow Confidimus, UK




Chair: Gill Ross, Harbour Energy and Oscar Vazguez, Heriot-Watt Univer


17 Exploring the possibilities of a regression model for the prediction of wetting index from crude

Elise Lunde Gjelsvik, Kristin Tøndel, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, Martin Fossen, Anders Brunsvik, SINTEF AS, Norway


18 Know your value chain! Assessment of performing a well clean-up operation to land facilities

Maria Lioliou, Julien F. Faber, Monika Franke, Anne Marie K. Halvorsen, Equinor ASA, Norway


Break and Refreshments


19 Environmentally Acceptable (Yellow) Anti-Agglomerant for the Most Stingent

Environmentally Conscious Regions

Scot H. Bodnar; Goswinus H.M. de Kruijff, Jonathan Wylde, Jarle Skjold, Nirupam Purkayastha, Clariant, Stephan Hatscher and Luis Ugueto, Wintershall DEA Norge AS


20 Determination of Levels of Production Chemicals in Water Phase using Capillary Electrophoresis

Liridon Aliti and Simon Ivar Andersen, Danish Technology University, Denmark

Poster Session

The following posters will be presented as three minutres teasers

*1. Application and Monitoring Techniques of an Iron Sulphide Scale Inhibitor to Reduce Solids in Stabilized Emulsions

Bethanni McCabe, Miriam Barber, Malgorzata Wronska, Baker Hughes, UK

2. Modelling of Stimulation Fluid Placement and Flow in Carbonate Reservoirs
Samantha Wilson, Gordon M. Graham, David Nichols, Hanen Ben Abdallah Bellio Scaled Solutions LTD, UK

3. Retention of Scale Inhibitors on Carbonate Rocks: Overview And Modelling Khosro Jarrahian, Mahdi Kalantari Meybodi, Mike. A. Singleton, Lorraine. S. Boak, Kenneth. S. Sorbie, O. Vazquez, E. Mackay, Heriot-Watt University, UK

4. Relationship of surface tension with surfactant concentration
Sunder Ramachandran, Daniel Fakunle, Jonathan Vargas, Baker Hughes, USA, Bethanni McCabe, Baker Hughes, UK

5. Green Molecules for Demulsification
Kekeli Ekoue-Kovi and Wojciech Jakubowski,Baker Hughes, USA

**6. CFD as Complementary Tool for Analyzing and Verifying Empirical Data and Observations for Enhance Chemicals Utilization
– Cases Studiesbr> John B. Sabey, Gregory Hallahan, and Raul Gonzalo, ProSep, UK

7. Reduction and Elimination of Sheen in the Scean caused by Overboard Water from Offshore Crude Oil Production Facilities
Leonora Franca, Daniel Fakunle Tomasi Ledesma, Rene Troche- Baez, Baker Hughes, USA

8. Organic acid inhibition in crude oils
Rachael Cole, Simon Våge, Marius Lilletveit, Bakary Jang Konateh, Tore Nordvik and Johannes Rosnes


End of day two


Aperitiff and Conference Dinner

Friday 17 March 2023


21 Extensive deposition in process equipment on Gullfaks C due to MBO H2S scavenger

S. Høiland, K. Leversen, M. Lioliou, Equinor ASA, Norway Ø. Birketveit, SLB Production Chemistry, Norway


22 Dead-legs in subsea production systems with high gas volume fractions are not

so dead as they appear at first glance

Pål Johnsen, A/S Norske Shell, Norway


23 Effect of Cancelling Nitrat Injection and increased Biocide Treatment on Reservoir Souring

Lilian Strand Ree, Kolbjørn Johansen, Jone Waage, Aker BP, Norway


End of conference

Øystein Birketveit, SLB and program chair


Transport to train bound for Oslo (11:12)


Coach departure from hotel for Oslo airport Gardermoen ETA 1500


Transport for train bound for Bergen at 1156