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Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 2023

Short Course

Energy transition and the role of production chemistry

Limited number of delegates is 30

Chair: Gill Ross, Harbour Energy, UK
Time: 14 March 2023, 14:30 - 19:00
Venue: Vestlia Resort , Geilo, Norway
Fee: NOK 2100,- 

With the increasing focus on the environment and the trends to reduce CO2 footprint in the industry Tekna wish to embrace the emerging areas within the energy transition which are similar to their own and have an overlap with production chemistry.  Therefore the focus of this year’s short course will be on the role of production chemistry related to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Geothermal and Carbon Capture Utilisation and Shut In (CCUS).

The course schedule is detailed below and their will be five presentations on relevant topics with an additional panel debate including all of the presenters and the audience to discuss how production chemistry can help the energy transition.


1430   Course Introduction
           Chair: Gill Ross, Harbour Energy

 1435  Chemistry in Carbon Capture   
            Utilisation and Shut in (CCUS) and the Road to Net Zero
            Stephen Heath, Creative Chemical Solutions Ltd, UK

1515    Meet the Net Zero Target While Affording Sustainable
            and Affordable Energy - The Role of Chemical EOR
            Mahmoud Metidji, SNF, France

1555    Coffee Break

1615    Geothermal - Chemical and Engineering Opportunities
            Alex McRae, SLB, UK

1655    Halite Precipitation During CO2 Subsurface Injection
            Baard Kaasa, Scale Consult AS, Norway

1735    Coffe Break

1750   Overview of the Bifrost Project and Subsurface   
           Considerations for CO2 Injection in Chalk

            Karen Guldbaek Schmidt,  DTU,  Denmark   

18.30  Panel Discussion
           General discussion on the energy transition
          - Technology transfer and the role of production chemistry.

All speakers will be a part of the panel, chaired by Gill Ross, Harbour Energy