Hopp til innhold
Mar. 14–17 2023

Welcome to Geilo 2023

Either you have attended the symposium previously years or not, the program committee and Tekna welcome you to the OFC Symposium in Geilo next March.

Production chemistry continues to challenge our industry which will continue to require new and innovative solutions for the years and decades to come, hence the symposium will continue to be an important place to meet for sharing and learning.

The symposium is a unique event where the technical program and the networking is very much balanced and that in the informal lodge atmosphere in Vestlia Resort.
The tradition of 3 hours lunch break is convenient as we are in Geilo, one of Norways best ski resorts.
Coming to the conference will give you an update on what´s new in regard to Production Chemistry and we do hope to see you either as a speaker sharing your new findings or as a delegate.


Informal forum

Since the beginning of the symposium, 34 years ago, the symposium has been an important forum for innovation, allowing operators, researchers, scientists, engineers, students and suppliers the opportunity to share valuable information in an open and constructive way, build on ideas from others and develop a range of solutions to the ever-changing oilfield production chemical challenges.

It is imperative that the operation industry and researchers have continual interaction and integration, including different disciplines and industry sectors, and the Geilo symposium deliver that.

As the oil and gas industry goes on the symposium is still a vital forum and a breeding place for sharing of knowledge and experience’s in solving oilfield and chemistry challenges and today also related to the energy transition.

Call for abstract

The symposium will be an opportunity for production chemistry professionals engaged in relevant disciplines to report on their accomplishments, new findings and experiences.

In addition to production optimisation and cost reductions the industry needs to adapt to the current environmental movement and reduce it’s CO2 footprint, as well as minimise chemical usage and oil discharge.

In that context we encourage colleagues applying their oilfield chemistry experiences to chemical challenges related to alternative energy resources and the drive toward carbon neutral, such as CCUS (carbon capture and underground storage) and geothermal etc.


Please consider participating in what is sure to be a highly productive experience with an opportunity to collaborate with key personnel and experts from across companies and borders

Abstract submission deadline November 1st 2022