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Kundeservicedagene 2018

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KEY NOTE: Extreme customer centricity in the day after tomorrow

Digital is the New Normal. The impact on people, customers and society is huge. Companies have no choice. In order to survive this tsunami, they have to forget the old models, invent new ones and ingrain the new habits fast.

Rik makes clear that this is not about a digital strategy, but about a strategy for the New Normal in which connected customers have become really empowered. He defines why a customer centric strategy is no longer an option but the one and only way to go. Rik is trying to help you to start this process, by explaining how to be extremely customer centric and how to transform from a traditional inside out process driven company to an outside in more fluid one. This takes guts, because it can only be done by radical business innovation on both the digital and the human axes and it needs to involve all business aspects, including culture, management style and even KPI structures, logistics, processes, services and products. It is a holistic process involving sales and marketing, HR, IT, general management,…

Rik combines entertaining you by confronting them with their own changing habits, deep dive insides in the consequences for businesses, demystifying some hypes and presumed silver bullet solutions, with sharing some tips and tricks on how companies can develop their very own Day After Tomorrow plans. Rik opens up minds, makes people think, but he does not make you feel powerless. To develop a Day After Tomorrow Strategic plan, people can and should start transforming themselves and their direct business impact tomorrow.