This course gives you an introduction to the laws, regulations and negotiation skills you need as a Tekna union representative in the private sector. This English version of the mandatory basic course is only offered once a year.

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This is part 2 of the mandatory basic course for Tekna representatives in the private sector.

What does it mean to be a Tekna-representative? How do you cooperate with the company? And how do you represent your Tekna-members in the best way possible? Join our legal advisors and other Tekna-representatives for discussions and lectures to learn more.

Part 2 is set up over two days.

  1. Day one will give you insight in to the collective agreements and rules you must know to succeed in your role as a Tekna representative
  2. Day two will prepare you for salary negotiations

What is the basic course for Tekna representatives?

The basic course is designed to give you the knowledge you need to handle your role as a Tekna union representative. It is mandatory, and Tekna covers all expenses. You are entitled to time off work to participate in basic training – see the Tekna-NHO main agreement § 4.

  • Part 1 of the basic course is digital. It is in Norwegian, with English subtitles, and takes about four hours to complete.
  • Part 2 of the basic course lasts two days and is held at a hotel in Oslo.

Please complete Part 1 before you attend Part 2. Tekna recommends that you complete this course as soon as possible after being elected as a Tekna-representative.

Basic course Part 1 (In Norwegian)

The digital basic course Part 1 gives an introduction to how cooperation between the representative and employer is regulated and how this works in real life. You can pause the course, and return later, throughout. Read more and take Part 1 here.

Target group of this course

This course is for all Tekna representatives in the private sector, including members of the Tekna-board.

Practical information, refund of expenditures and travel information

The course is free of charge for Tekna representatives. Tekna covers all expenses. Read more about booking your travel and how to claim travel expenses..

PS: Project number for this course is 23105. Responsible: Nils Christian Børresen