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  1. Relationships Working for You?

    How do you feel about relationship? When you read that question, what probably popped into your ... business communication,communication skills,management skills,Norwegian business culture,relationship...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 30 2019
  2. 11 things you need to check before signing an employment contract

    11 things you need to check before signing an employment contract An employment contract ... as the employee handbook, local agreements and management documents. Keep in mind that unlike the employment...

    Article Råd og tips Oct. 15 2021
  3. Outdated to updated?: Quick tips for CV renewal

    Something like ‘Experienced engineer who is seeking a management position…’ This type of ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ ... Use active verbs like ‘created, implemented, managed’ and numbers to show what you’ve achieved. Use...

    Article Working in Norway June 30 2020
  4. Don’t label yourself: What did you learn on the job?

    ...are. They’ll say, ‘I’m a teacher’, ‘I’m a sales manager’, ‘I’m a mechanical engineer’ and the like. Been ... restaurants. What did it teach me? * conflict management, because when I got complaints from customers...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 28 2020
  5. This is how you get elected as a Tekna Representative

    ...your Tekna co-workers when you dialogue with management and attend meetings with Tekna. As a Tekna representative ... mid-level managers. Tekna covers all expenses for this program. Close contact with management at your workplace...

    Article May 8 2020
  6. The year that went downhill fast – this is how they experienced it

    ...student, new employee, Tekna representative and manager. Anne Grete Nordal - Tekna Magasinet The year that ... been like for them: manager, representative, new employee and student. The manager: Have to re-organize...

    Article Aktuelt Apr. 29 2021
  7. Dues waiver when you’re laid off or unemployed

    Is there a Tekna group where you work? An active Tekna group gives you the opportunity to claim ... act as a spokesperson in meetings with company management. Find out more about making a Tekna group at...

    Article May 4 2020
  8. - Employers have to assume more responsibility for employees who are working from home

    Priminister of Norway Erna Solberg, here with President of Tekna, Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg - ... are involved. In addition, we must ensure that management provides good communication and follow-up when...

    Article Aktuelt Nov. 16 2020
  9. I have a PhD - now what?

    March 25 at 12PM I have a PhD - now what? Are you a PhD candidate or considering becoming one? Are you curious about what career ... yngre forskere Claire Mount Lund, Global Product Manager, Thermo Fisher...

    Article Forskningsbloggen Mar. 25 2021 Streaming
  10. – A simple country boy from Sunnmøre

    ...says. Today Lars Olav Grøvik works as a Data Management Advisor at Equinor in Bergen. After a long career ... used to sitting in negotiations with top-level management and arguing on behalf of employees. He has experience...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021
  11. Four top-level executives in Norway: – This is how you ask for a higher salary

    HOW TO ASK FOR A HIGHER SALARY? There are certain things you should think about first, say ... evaluation for managers in accordance with management criteria. It’s important that a manager must in fact...

    Article Aktuelt Nov. 16 2020
  12. Membership benefits from A-Z

    ...over the world Emergency response and crisis management collaboration with Sjømannskirken – The Norwegian ... improved mental health that helps you to learn to manage stress and anxiety. Find out more about this offering...

    Article Råd og tips Aug. 16 2021
  13. Newsletter November 2017

    Newsletter November 2017 Legal advice from Tekna As a member, you are entitled to receive ... technologists to senior management The proportion of engineers holding senior management positions in Norway...

    Article Nov. 2 2017
  14. Distributed fibre optic sensing

    Magnus Hjelstuen Magnus Hjelstuen, SINTEF Research manager at SINTEF Digital Distributed fibre optic sensing...

    Article IKT-bloggen Oct. 20 2020 Streaming
  15. Newsletter October 2017

    ...our shop stewards to negotiate pay with company management,” says Tekna’s General Secretary Ivar Horneland ... pension Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO of Storebrand Asset Management, never got to practice his signal processing...

    Article Oct. 3 2017
  16. Choose the right type of business

    Choose the right type of business Choosing a type of business is key to determining what your ... future. It also determines your company’s formal management and leadership style. For example, how do you...

    Article Aug. 26 2021
  17. Remote Work

    ...requires an employer to practice a different management. Both employer and employee must agree on how ... workers, their non-remote working colleagues and managers spend a certain amount of time together working...

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 1 2021
  18. Working Remotely: Is it your right?

    Karin Lee Working Remotely: Is it your right? Do you consider working remotely to be your right? ... be able to give their opinion openly if their management introduces a new idea that might affect their...

    Article Working in Norway June 11 2020
  19. By the numbers: Use metrics to improve your CV

    ...numbers. Hiring managers want detail, not clichés Why do this? Because hiring managers and recruiters ... how job seekers can quantify their work. They: managed a staff of 18 engineers taught four classes of...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 18 2020
  20. Lecture: Philosophy of Leadership

    ‘leder’, there are often two words that come up: manager and leader. While the first word seems limited ... ‘leder’, there are often two words that come up: manager and leader. While the first word seems limited...

    Article Working in Norway May 15 2018 Streaming
  21. Five reasons to take the salary survey

    The salary survey’s important, says Katrine Olsson, Tekna advisor Five reasons to take the salary ... when negotiating with the company’s top-level management. These number are often used for explaining why...

    Article Aktuelt Sept. 16 2021
  22. How to write a freelance contract

    How to write a freelance contract Here’s some advice for you as an independent contractor ... externally in matters having to do with its day-to-day management. While other employees can also sign contracts...

    Article Aug. 26 2021
  23. The Norwegian Model: It Works

    ...really no big deal to be a union member– no, management doesn’t see this as an imminent threat to their ... in Norway are just like people anywhere, they managed to bring amazing work-related benefits to their...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 10 2019
  24. Stop in the Name of Workplace Inclusion

    At a recent course on intercultural communication in the workplace, I had just given my ‘do’s and don’ts’ ... workplace environment by attending one of Tekna’s management courses offered throughout the year.

    Article Working in Norway May 6 2016
  25. Private sector

    Private sector One important benefit of being organized in Tekna, is the possibility of having ... behalf of their group members. Subsequently, management divides this payment among local group members...

    Article Mar. 12 2015