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  1. Job seeking in the informal job market

    Job seeking in the informal job market Generally speaking, there are two markets for job seekers to consider ... first you hear of an available position is through a job posting, while in the informal market, networking...

    Article Råd og tips Apr. 19 2022
  2. What you should know about severance agreements

    ...from the date you have both 1) registered as a job seeker and 2) submitted your application to receive ... requirement/Content and time When you quit your job, you have the right to receive a written attest from...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 22 2022
  3. Is your CV missing this information?

    ...a great deal of insight into what works when job seekers are writing their CV and cover letters. For example ... suddenly have to apply for a part-time and/or summer job, and if you do, it’s good to have something ready...

    Article Råd og tips Dec. 17 2021
  4. What if the interviewer asks you to talk about your weaknesses?

    ...you even give an answer? Råd og tips You’re at a job interview, and your potential future employer asks ... is you have to focus on the needs listed in the job you’re trying to land. This means both the positive...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 20 2021
  5. Membership benefits from A-Z

    Interest profile and e-mail Invoice payment Job-seeker courses Job seeking, writing a CV and completing an ... of digital courses and events – for example, job-seeker courses, mobile phone camera courses, online...

    Article Råd og tips Aug. 16 2021
  6. Get started with your membership in Tekna

    Interest profile and e-mail Insurance Invoice payment Job-seeking and career advice Legal advice Legal advice ... a new job? We can help you with your CV, application and LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, the job-seeker...

    Article Råd og tips Aug. 16 2021
  7. Important political breakthroughs made in spring 2021

    Outgoing Tekna president Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg points at several important political breakthroughs ... study as well as the requirement to be an active job seeker. College and university sector In 2020 Tekna...

    Article Politisk June 21 2021
  8. Repeat As Needed: What Job Seekers Should Tell Themselves

    ...before throwing yourself off the deep end of the job search swimming pool doesn’t mean you’re an egomaniac; ... at times try … Karin Lee Repeat as needed: What job seekers should tell themselves Saying to yourself...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 14 2021
  9. Older Job Seekers: The Painful Need to Leave Your Past Behind

    ...we’re actively looking for a new job. But what … Karin Lee Older job seekers: The painful need to leave your ... looking for a new job. international workplace,job search,job seeker,Norway,older job seeker, Working in Norway...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 12 2021
  10. Application Letter Writing: A Little (List) Goes a Long Way

    ...my most recent blog post, I wrote about how job-seekers need to use active verbs in their writing in ... my most recent blog post, I wrote about how job-seekers need to use active verbs in their writing in...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 11 2021
  11. The Unspoken Yet Real Reason You Didn’t Get Called For That Job Interview

    LinkedIn entitled, ‘The Real Reason You Didn’t Get That Job’ by LI Influencer Liz Ryan in which she lists five ... unspoken yet real reason you didn’t get called For That Job Interview Pay careful attention to written details...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 3 2021
  12. Terms of employment for PhD candidates

    ...have not agreed to mandatory work as part of the job description still perform mandatory work. The work ... benefits from NAV, since they are not considered as job seekers. If you take on extra work beyond the agreed...

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 16 2021
  13. Unemployment benefits and your rights

    ...five days each week. Obligation to be an active job seeker You can lose your right to receive unemployment ... benefits because you’re not regarded as an active job seeker. However, exceptions to these rules have been...

    Article Råd og tips Mar. 2 2021
  14. By the numbers: Use metrics to improve your CV

    Job seekers should try to quantify their work Karin Lee By the numbers: Use metrics to improve your CV ... Very true. But consider other examples of how job seekers can quantify their work. They: managed a staff...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 18 2020
  15. Don’t label yourself: What did you learn on the job?

    ...more than just a job title. Karen Lee Don’t label yourself: What did you learn on the job? Have you ever ... ever had a job, and if you did, what did it teach you? Working in Norway Too often, job seekers tend to...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 28 2020
  16. Rule of Thumb: Don’t write references on your CV (do this instead)

    ...so, and b) it made us look like solid, qualified job applicants. But somewhere down the CV-writing road ... and so this practice was sidelined (unless the job listing requests them). Why? Rather simple, really...

    Article Working in Norway Aug. 17 2020
  17. Looking for work?: Tips on how to write about your skill set

    ...about your skill set Everyone who’s had at least one job in their life has learned some skills along the way ... More than being a ‘team player’ When I ask job seekers this question, they often answer me in rather...

    Article July 30 2020
  18. Outdated to updated?: Quick tips for CV renewal

    ...give it that new look? Working in Norway Many job seekers don’t, especially those who’ve been working for ... (digital) paper. And yet, as in many areas of life – the job application world is one that has been changing,...

    Article Working in Norway June 30 2020
  19. CV/Cover Letter Writing Tips: Experience never gets old

    ...never gets old Working in Norway A mid-career job seeker recently sent their CV and cover letter to me ... that impression on me at first glance. Job listing after job listing going back twenty-odd years…course...

    Article Working in Norway June 23 2020
  20. Unemployed

    Rights and assistance ... assistance is just one of the services we offer to job seekers. If you have any questions about the coronavirus ... assistance is just one of the services we offer to job seekers.

  21. Quick Tips for Cover Letter Writing

    ...solutions today as have been editing yet another job-seeker’s cover letter. One that’s long on sentences ... which you are applying. Explain where you found the job posting and thank them for an informative phone call...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 30 2020
  22. What’s your look on ‘Link’?

    ...outsider whose job is to help them put their best writing foot forward so they’ll quickly land a job after finishing ... ‘Link’? CV writing skills,cv writing tips,job search tips,job seeking advice,LinkedIn writing tips, Working...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 19 2020
  23. How/Why Should You Write a CV Summary?

    ...writing skills,English CV writing skills,job search tips,job seeking tips,resume writing skills, Working ... Instead, I’ve been writing back to all these job seekers encouraging them to put in a Summary right under...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 18 2020
  24. What’s Your Feeling About Phone Interviews?

    Maybe you applied for a job a few weeks ago — ? One you really wanted and actually felt quite qualified ... About Phone Interviews? interview skills,job interview,job seeking,phone interview,working in norway...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 18 2019
  25. Can You Find the Mistake?

    ...writing tips,English writing skills,job search tips,job seeking,job seeking tips, Working in Norway Last ... Answer: It’s the one that a huge number of job seekers make when putting their Summary together. They...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 27 2019