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  1. LinkedIn: Tell the Truth (Please), Part Two

    ...good think before sitting down the next time to write about our own life and work experience in this one-page ... the Truth (Please), Part Two CV writing skills,English language skills,foreign language,international...

    Article Working in Norway Aug. 28 2017
  2. Application Letter Writing: A Little (List) Goes a Long Way

    ...job-seekers need to use active verbs in their writing in order for the reader to understand what they ... that you should write use these verbs to “write clearly and concisely” in both your CV … Karin Lee Application...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 11 2021
  3. Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Why Having a Well-Written LinkedIn Profile Won’t Upset Your Boss

    ...having been approached by a young man after a CV-writing course I gave last month. He started off by explaining ... Well-Written LinkedIn Profile Won’t Upset Your Boss CV writing skills,international workplace,job seeking,LinkedIn...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 3 2017
  4. “Why Do You Want the Job?”: Your Words Lost and Found

    ...and Found application letter,CV writing skills,English language skills,international workplace,job search ... answer the question, “Why do you want the job?” in writing. At this point I wish to offer my condolences to...

    Article Working in Norway Mar. 5 2017
  5. The Unspoken Yet Real Reason You Didn’t Get Called For That Job Interview

    ...details. Avoid mispelllings and grammar mistakes. cv writing,intercultural communication,job search,job seeking ... misspellings and examples of shaky grammar in her writing that left me the reader confused as to her qualifications...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 3 2021
  6. Older Job Seekers: The Painful Need to Leave Your Past Behind

    ...his professional skills but also his personal character. At my most recent resumé-writing courses, I’ve ... ’ leaving out doesn’t mean leaving behind When writing your life’s work story, leaving out doesn’t mean...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 12 2021
  7. What’s Your Feeling About Phone Interviews?

    Your Feeling About Phone Interviews? interview skills,job interview,job seeking,phone interview,working ... the number of questions and length of answers. I write ‘fifteen minutes to an hour’ here, because my last...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 18 2019
  8. Membership benefits from A-Z

    Invoice payment Job-seeker courses Job seeking, writing a CV and completing an application Legal advice Legal ... someone else. How: Go to My Courses here What: Our skilled legal team will be happy to read through your contract...

    Article Råd og tips Aug. 16 2021