Tekna provides many useful services and benefits for you. Please contact our legal team at Tekna's head office by email or phone. They’ll answer all your questions regarding employment law.

 You might be  wondering if your employer can deny you overtime pay? Or perhaps  you need help if you’re  resigning or being   laid off? No questions are too big or small. In some instances, we follow  cases all the way to  court.  We also have our own attorneys  who work on private legal matters, including  inheritance law, family law and housing law. 

As a member without a group, you negotiate your own salary. We have prepared several articles and a short film you may use to prepare for your  salary negotiations. If you have any questions, feel free to  call us. We also run several courses you can attend to get help and advice. 

If you’re self-employed or an entrepreneur, we offer you special insurance policies and banking services, legal advice, mentoring, professional networks and courses. Through participating in our mentoring program, you get to meet an experienced Tekna member who runs their  own business. You’ll  be able to get advice not found anywhere else. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact us. 

Modified date: Tuesday, July 7, 2020