Professional Networks

Joining professional networks is an important step to take towards developing your skills and maintaining your chosen career path. As a Tekna member, you have access to all our networks. Please log in to complete your profile and sign up with a professional group to receive information on activities aimed at your area of professional expertise.

Local branches

Tekna’s local branches provide members with a professional, cultural and social meeting place, organizing events such as courses, meetings and company tours. A number of branches provide consulting services tailored to the needs of jobseekers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Upon joining Tekna, you automatically become a member of your local branch.
Tekna's local branches (in Norwegian)

Professional groups

Tekna Aquaculture
Contact person Tone Juel, tel. 40 28 11 49,

Tekna Association for Fish Health
Contact person Tone Juel, tel. 40 28 11 49,

Tekna Big Data
Contact person Inge Harkestad, tel. 93 09 68 59,

Tekna Biotechnologists
Contact person Tone Juel, tel. 40 28 11 49,

Tekna Climate
Contact person Ane Hagtvedt, tel. 98 84 05 17,

Tekna Norwegian Association of Chartered Surveyors
Contact person Lilly Kristin Langnes, tel. 93 25 95 76,

Tekna Oil and Gas
Contact person Irene Haugli, tel. 93 25 95 53,

Tekna Railway
Contact person Øystein Olsen, tel. 90 60 51 37,

Tekna Researchers
Contact person Mette Meinert, tel. 93 25 95 26,

Tekna Science Teachers
Contact person Ane Hagtvedt, tel. 98 84 05 17,

Tekna Self-Employed
Contact person John M. Raaheim, tel. 93 25 95 20,

Affiliated organizations

  • Technical Group for Construction and Engineering (Faggruppen for bygg og anlegg - FBA)
  • Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (Forum for Trekonstruksjoner - FFT)
  • Forum for Planning and Construction Law (Forum for Plan- og bygningsrett - FFPB)
  • ITS Norway (ITS Norge)
  • LOGMA – Supply Chain Management Network (Nettverk for logistikkledelse - LOGMA)
  • Norwegian Group for Rock Mechanics (Norsk Bergmekanikkgruppe - NBG)
  • The Norwegian Concrete Association (Norsk Betongforening - NB) – free student membership
  • Forum for Technology and Development (Forum for teknologi og utviklingssamarbeid)
  • Norwegian Electrotechnical Association (Norsk Elektroteknisk Forening - NEF)
  • Norwegian Association for Concrete Repair (Norsk Forening for Betongrehabilitering - NFB) – free student membership
  • Norwegian Tunnelling Society (Norsk Forening for Fjellsprengningsteknikk (NFF))
  • Association of Patent Attorneys in Norwegian Industry (Norsk forening for industriens patentingeniører - NIP)
  • Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement (Norsk forening for Olje- og Gassmåling - NFOGM)
  • Norwegian Project Management Association (Norsk Forening for Prosjektledelse - NFP)
  • Norwegian Safety and Reliability Association (Norsk Forening for Risiko- og Pålitelighetsanalyse - ESRA Norge)
  • Norwegian Structural Steel Association (Norsk Forening for Stålkonstruksjoner - NFS)
  • Norwegian Society of Port Engineers (Norsk Havneingeniørforening - NHIF)
  • Norwegian Society for Earthquake Engineering (Norsk Jordskjelvteknisk Forening - NJF)
  • Norwegian Water Association (Norsk vannforening)
  • Norwegian Road and Traffic Association (Norsk Veg- og Trafikkfaglig Forening - NVTF)
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