XXIV Nordic Concrete Research Symposium

Attention: Have you submitted an abstract but not received a confirmation email about this?

Send an email to norsk.betongforening@tekna.no with title, keywords and a attachment with your extended abstract.

The target group comprises researchers, supervisors, teachers, industry and owners/users. The program will include informal “concrete cafes” (“supervised discussions”).

Key dates: (Preliminary)

23 of February 2020:
- Deadline for submitting extended abstracts (4 pages)

1st of April 2020:
- Acceptance of extended abstracts

1st of May 2020:
- Deadline for early registration AND for registration & payment of delegates who will present papers

1st of June 2020:
- Final program

11th of August 2020:
- Get-together

12th – 14th of August 2020:
- Symposium

Call for paper, Symposium Proceedings:
Presentations in all areas of concrete research are welcomed, both for oral presentations and posters.
- A 4 pages extended abstracts will be required for the Proceedings. - Click on the link for writing instructions for submitting abstracts nordicconcrete

In order to organize the sessions, authors are requested to indicate the main topics in the extended abstracts:
Admixtures, Aggregates, Additives, Carbonation, Chloride ingress, Corrosion, ASR, Frost and Freeze-thaw, Cracking, Creep, Service life/Durability, Mix design, Modelling, Rheology, SCC (Self Compacting Concrete), Shrinkage, Structural behavior, Sustainability, Testing, Fibers, Others.
All abstracts and presentations are to be provided in English. Abstract will be made available to all attendants upon registration at the venue, in digital format only.

Welcome to Sandefjord:
Sandefjord is a nice, little town located at the western side of the Oslo fjord (120 km. from Oslo). It is well known for its whaling history, and the area also contains important Viking heritage sites. Sandefjord also presents first class seaside resorts and sea water swimming opportunities. Today, Sandefjord exhibits a modern combination of industry, shipping trade and agriculture.
Sandefjord is very well connected, with direct flight connection to Copenhagen and to several other national and international destinations, frequent train connection to Oslo and ferries to Strömstad (Sweden) and nearby ferry from Larvik to Hirtshals (Denmark).
The meeting venue is the same as in 2005 and offers very good facilities for lectures, concrete cafes and networking.

The organizing committee expects to propose subjects of professional or cultural interest in the area, enabling symposium attendants to take further advantage of their stay, before or after the symposium.

The Organizing committee is a task group within the Research Committee of the Norwegian Concrete Association (NCA). NCA/Tekna (The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals) is the technical organizer.
The Scientific committee is the Research Committee of NCA.
The Research Committee of NCF (RCNCF) will supervise the organizing of the symposium.

NCA main NCF contact: Morten Bjerke
RCNCF Chair: Terje Rønning

Details regarding fees, accommodation, social events and scheduling will be provided later, please explore the web site nordicconcrete