Dec. 12–15
Veidekke ASA, OSLO

Welcome to participate in a combined U1 and S2 course: Practical concrete technology and Sprayed Concrete for Rock Support

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In collaboration with Veidekke, the Norwegian Concrete Association organizes this combined course.

The course is relevant for advisers, builders and contractors who need to update their knowledge and/or who need the course to fulfill the standard's requirements for building up and documenting competence in sprayed concrete for rock foundations.

Practical information:
The course lasts four days where the first to days are digital, and the other two days you attend in person.

During the digital meeting the participants have to sit quietly in a suitable area, and all participants needs a PC with internet connection.
Participants themselves are responsible for transport and hotel. We recommend you to stay at the hotel “Scandic Sjølyst” not far away from Veidekke/Skabos vei 4.

The participants are served lunch on Wednesday and Thursday

The course concludes with an exam. Participants who have dyslexia or other problems in connection with the completion of the exam – please contact the lecturer or course administrator at the course.

Limited number of seats!

Course program:
- Monday 12th of December: 08.00-16.00 via Teams
- Tuesday 13th of December: 08.00-15.00 via Teams
- Wednesday 14th of December: 09.00-16.00 at Veidekke
- Thursday 15th of December: 08.00-16.00 at Veidekke
Detailed time schedule will be updated end of November.

About the course:
In the course you will learn about:
- The main properties of the spray concrete
- Mixing of sprayed concrete
- The composition of sprayed concrete
- Fiber – properties and choices
- Rock support – use of spray concrete at different rock quality
- Additives and accelerators - property, importance, choice
- Integrated waterproofing
- Spray equipment and maintenance
- Quality assurance and control
- Spray concrete arches
- Fire protection with spray concrete
- Spraying
- Spraying or casting, technical / economic assessment

U1: Practical concrete technology for concrete supervisors The course gives basic knowledge in:
- concrete technology
- technological development
- guidance and standards
- hardened concrete properties
- fresh concrete properties
- cement and supplementary cementitious materials
- casting methods
- deterioration of concrete
- reinforcement
- admixtures for concrete
- curing technology
- concrete reception and controll

In the concrete standard NS-EN 13670+NA – Execution og concrete constructions, there are a set of requirements for personnel working and supervising concrete works and to their competency.
This course covers one part of the required courses needed for SBL3 – Sprayed concrete manager in execution class 3, and SBL2 – Sprayed concrete manager in execution class 1 and 2, as well as foreman/tradesman in all execution classes.

S2: Sprayed concrete for rock support
In the National Annex NS-EN 14487-2+NA "Spray concrete — Part 2: Execution", requirements are required for competence for key functions in the performance of spray concrete work covered by the standard.

Documentation of competence
-There are requirements for documentation of competence for the supervisor/foreman and sprayed concrete manager. For the various functions, requirements are set for prior knowledge, additional courses and experience from corresponding work depending on the execution class.
-BOR issues certificates of competence documenting that the standard's competence requirements have been met on the basis of the documentation presented.

Thorough documentation with regard to the quality of the rock and applied safety is required. The central position of the spray concrete in tunnel construction may be maintained if insight into the functioning, design criteria, load capacity, knowledge of the geology and knowledge of durability go "hand-in-hand".

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(If there are too few registrants, the Norwegian Concrete Association is allowed to postpone or cancel the course)


Adresse: Skabos Vei 4, 0278 Oslo.