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Mar. 24–27 2020

Sharing of knowledge

It has never been more important sharing knowledge in order to move forwards together in a more efficient and enlightened way.

This conference is a forum with papers from fundamental academic studies to field cases which helps us all to better safe guard and enhance production.

Innovation, from new techniques, tools, chemical application methods is key to successfully moving forwards. New monitoring techniques and analysis methods can enable us to better optimise and understand our systems and treatments, allowing both preventative action and treatment optimisation.

Call for abstract

Tekna and the program committee encourage oilfield chemists, scientists, engineers and students to submit abstracts and influence the technical program 2020.

It is important that all sectors and disciplines interact and work together to develop and grow, so we think it is of high importance to discuss with colleagues if your work or findings is of value for others in the industry.
It can be new trials, results, new technology, new ways to look at challenges and of course project successes all with relevance to production chemistry

Submit your abstract now or by 20 October 2019. Send to lio@tekna.no

Unique forum

This conference is well known for its informal format and fruitful discussion between the paper presentations. It is also a very fine conference to have your first international presentation.

Three days all together with colleagues from various oil producing countries, from academia and the chemistry production industry, high quality papers, good discussions, excellent atmosphere for networking and in addition to all that; a 3 hour lunch for exploring the ski slopes right outside the hotel.

Submit your abstract and be a part of this forum for innovative solutions of production chemistry.