June 2

Tekna Young invite members under 38 to participate in a Running Technique Course. The weather is getting warmer and more suitable for running. Join us and improve your running technique, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner! NB! Due to Covid we have a limited amount of places available, so sign up asap!

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The course gives you a practical introduction to what effective running technique is, and is suitable for anyone who thinks running is fun and who wants inspiration and tips to improve their running technique.

Are we designed for running? And what is effective running technique?

We give you a thorough introduction to how, through many millions of years of evolution, we are designed to run. We explain how skeleton, tendons, ligaments and muscles play together to propel us forward as we run, and how best to use the potential energy inherent in the tendons to move as economically as possible when we run.

No one can change their way of running overnight, but we give you tips on how to improve your technique over time and achieve a lasting effect of the course.

Course content:

We meet in the parking lot of the former outdoor swimming facility, "old Gamlingen", in Tjodolvs gate, close to no. 48, 4010 Stavanger. There we warm-up before moving on to Vålandstårnet.

After warming up, we review instructions and exercises for four basic elements for effective running technique: frequency, pose, arm use and leg use. Afterwards, we conduct an interval session where you get direct feedback on each technique element.

Finally, we review some strength exercises for runners, and there will be time for questions and a summary. The necessary theory expaining what we are talking about will be given during the practical exercises.

Practical information

The course takes place outdoors, so we advice you to dress according to the weather!

Remember to bring water!


Meeting place: Parking lot of former "Gamlingen", Tjodolvs gate, 4010 Stavanger