Feb. 4

Welcome to an introduction to coffee and its universe!

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Did you know that coffee is the world's second largest commodity next to oil? Or that Norway is ranked at the top of the world not only when it comes to consumption, but also when we talk about quality?

Tekna Ung Oslo hereby invites you to learn more about coffee.

Maybe it's true what they say, that coffee is the new wine? We promise you'll get a kick-start and learn enough to keep track of the cocktail conversations about coffee.

  • You will be introduced to the national and international trends
  • You'll get to know the history of the "black gold"
  • And last but not least, get a quick introduction to the world of coffees!

And of course, we'll need to taste the differences you can find in coffee!

Will you be able to recognize and distinguish one coffee from another? And most important, can you beat your colleague when it comes to a coffee quiz?


Adresse: Niels Juels gate 16, 0272 Oslo