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Sprayed Concrete 2018

Practical Information

The organizers will arrange accommodation for the participants at the conference hotel.  Please do your reservations for accommodations at the registration form.

Please settle your account with the hotel before you leave the conference after closure.

Hotel and location
The conference will be held at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim.

Telephone; +47 73 92 55 00

Rates for room at the conference hotel booked through the organizer:

Single room: NOK 1.370,- per person per night (vat and wi-fi included)

Confirmation of registration and hotel reservation will be mailed to you shortly after your registration has been received.

For cancellations received before 15 May 2018, refund will be made in full less NOK 500,- for adminstrative expenses.  For cancellations received between 15 May and 1st June, a refund of 50 % will be made. We cannot make refunds for cancellations received after 1st June 2018.

The monetary unit in Norway is the Norwegian Krone (NOK).  On 16 February 2018 the exchange rate was approx. NOK 7,85 = 1 US $ and NOK 9,68 = 1 Euro.

Casual wear are suggested for all conference events.  

Social Programme

Monday 11 June  - Welcome Reception
A Welcome Reception (Get-together-party) included a light meal is given at 07.30 pm at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim

Free of charge.

Tuesday 12 June – Social Event – Visiting E.C. Dahl’s Brewery.
Bus from the hotel to E.C.Dahl’s Brewery, (dinner and some drinks included). 

The brewery was founded in 1856 by Erich Christian Dahl in Trondheim.  He was a key player in the city’s community.  He was one of the first to pay sick pay to his employees.

“E.C.Dahls Bryggeri” soon became the largest brewery in the region.  Various beer styles have been brewed over the years, and Lysholmer, the greatest beer success in Norwegian history made its appearance in 1983.  And they still brew the renowned “Dahls Pils”.  The yeast in a Dahls Pils can be traced back over 70 years.

Possibility to buy drinks in addition to what’s included.

Wednesday 13 June – Banquet dinner
The Banquet dinner will be held at 07.30 pm at Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim.  Wine included.  Free of charge.

Company Presentations
Companies are invited to present their services and equipment at a mini exhibition during the Symposium, on the condition that they have at least one delegate paying the full fee.

NOK 6.500,- (+ vat) for area of width 2-3 meters, depth 1 meter