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Sprayed Concrete 2018

Call for abstracts

We hereby invite potential speakers to send in abstracts. The topic sprayed concrete is rather large and we underline that all topics and sub-topics with reference to sprayed concrete are welcome.

Following are examples of different categories of interest:

Equipment Technology:

  • Automatization requirements for the application process to obtain the required quality.
  • Systems for automatization like rock surface scanning, spraying lance robotic control e.g
  • Clients requirements and future needs in terms of equipment capabilities.



  • Aggregates for sprayed concrete, crushed or natural what’s best?
  • Green concrete for rock support what do the future bring us.
  • Reinforcement; steel, synthetic or mineral based fibers; what’s best and for what type of use?


  • Future cement types for sprayed concrete.
  • Admixtures with strength enhancers.
  • Next generation of accelerators.


Projects and case histories:

  • Sprayed concrete permanent linings
  • Integrated spayable linings for waterproofing
  • Fire resistant sprayed concrete linings

Health, Safety and Environment:

Future Visions:

One of the goals of the symposium is to share knowledge about sprayed concrete. Any author or speaker in this symposium is hereby encouraged to conclude clearly the benefits of the specific technology presented and explain why and how this could improve the sprayed concrete-, tunnelling- and mining-industry. In this way, we hope that new research work is “translated” to up-sides which a contractor might find interesting and useful.



Authors are requested to submit a 200 word abstract in English, which will constitute the basis for preliminary acceptance by the Scientific Committee. Abstract must be submitted per e-mail info@sprayedconcrete.no  as a pdf-file or a word document.

As many papers as possible will be given time for oral presentation at the Symposium. In the event of a large response, Poster Session Presentations will also be considered.

Notification of acceptance and Instructions to Authors will be issued in due course.



Abstract Submission

November 13th 2017

Paper Acceptance

December 3rd 2017

Full Paper Submission   

March 1st 2018