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Sprayed Concrete 2018

Accepted abstracts

8th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete, 11. - 14. June 2018, Trondheim, Norway - Accepted Abstracts
Authors Title
Ahmed, L., Sjölander, A.,  Ansell, A., Sweden Modelling concept of rock-sprayed concrete interface subjected to impact load
Aitchison, B., Oliveira, D.,  Backhouse, D., Netterfield, R.,  Australia Design and Construction of Shallow Cover Tunnel Access Junction using Sprayed Concrete, Sydney Australia
Ansell, A., Ahmed, L.,  Guarin , A., Sweden Laboratory investigation of steel fibre reinforced sprayed concrete using a computed tomography method
Ashcroft, B., Peach, G., Norway Optimisation of Plant Employed to Install the Permanent Shotcrete Lining on Open Gripper TBMs
Basso, P., Jolin, M., Canada Encapsulation Quality of Reinforcement:  From Laboratory Tests to Structural Design Guidelines
Beck, T., Brusletto, K., Norway Sprayed Concrete used as avalanche securing of road in the open day during freezing conditions
Bezard, D., Austria Metakaolin as a Binder for Free Lime in Sprayed Concrete
Bhewa, Y.,  Burlion, N., Zghondi, J., France Instant and delayed mechanical behavior of sprayed concrete used on Andra’s URL : towards an understanding of the links between formulation and implementation and in situ properties
Bjørntegaard, Ø., Myren, S., Beck, T. Norway Quality control of fibre reinforced sprayed concrete: Norwegian requirements and experiences from laboratory studies and tunnel projects
Carter, D., Su, J., Alexandrou, D., UK Mitigation of risk of shotcrete fallout in SCL tunnel construction - An analytical approach
Crehan, D., Eide, S., Vlietstra, D., Norway Sustainability and the responsible disposal of contaminated rebound
de Rivaz, B.,  Belgium A new testing method for permanent fibre reinforced spray concrete lining
Gagnon, A.,  Jolin, M., Canada A New Approach for Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete under Dynamic Loading 
Galan, I., Mittermayr, F., Austria, Kusterle, W., Thumann, M., Germany From lab scale spraying to real scale shotcreting and back to the lab
Guzman, S. G., Chile Adhesion of the Shotcrete using Screw Anchorage
Guzman, S. G., Chile Correlation between trials of polymer fibers Shotcrete (SRF): Fiber content in fresh mixture, Energy absorption and Barcelona Test
Guzman, S.G., Chile Reliability and Availability of Shotcrete Projection Equipment
Hagelia, P., Norway Durability of Sprayed Concrete for Rock Support  - A tale from the Tunnels 
Hauki, M., Beck, T., Woldmo, O., Norway Utilization of Modern IoT Systems in Sprayed Concrete Processes
Jones, B.D., UK, Grand, C., Switzerland A 20-year history of stress and strain in a sprayed concrete primary lining
Kothe, T., Switzerland TAMCrete SSL- A polimeric suppot liner in practice
Miller, L., Norway MiniBars – A non-corroding fiber for rock support
Mills, P., Tadolini, S., Thomas, A., UK Ultra Fast Rapid Hardening Sprayed Concrete
Myrdal, R., Switzerland, Galloway, D., UK Sprayed Concrete without Portland cement
Myren, S., Hagelia, P., Bjøntegaard, Ø., Norway The ban of pp-fibre in FRSC in Norwegian road tunnels
Oliveira, D.,  Aitchison, B., Andersen, G., Gowan, A., Australia Shotcrete Quality Control for the New M5 Tunnel, Sydney Australia
Papanikolaou, I., Davies, A., UK Graphene/cement composites for sprayed concrete tunnel linings
Sjölander, A., Hellgren, R., Ahmed, L., Ansell , A., Sweden Modelling aspects to predict failure of a bolt-anchored fibre reinforced shotcrete lining
Skåttun, F., Hauck, Ch.J., Norway Sprayed concrete application - Save and environment friendly
Su, J., Bloodworth, A., UK Design of Composite Sprayed Concrete Lined Tunnels with Sprayed Waterproofing Membrane in Soft Ground – A UK perspective
Thomas, A.H., Denmark, Dimmock, R., UK The design philosophy for permanent sprayed concrete linings
Thumann, M., Kusterle, W., Germany Pumpability of Wet Mix Sprayed Concrete with Reduced Clinker Content
Yun, K-K., Han, S-Y.,  S.Korea Dispersion and its Effect of Silica Fume at Cellular Sprayed Concrete
Yun, K-K., Han, S-Y., Lee, K-R., Kim, Y-G., S.Korea Applications of Cellular Sprayed Concrete at Tunnel Portals
Yurdakul, E.,  Rieder, K-A., USA The Importance of Rheology on Shotcrete Performance 
Zghondi, J., Gilles Armand, G., France Monitoring and behaviour of an instrumented thick sprayed concrete lining excavated in the Callovo Oxfordian Claystone at the Meuse Haute-Marne Underground Research Laboratory (URL) - Andra, France
Zhang , L., Morgan,  D.R., Canada Transport Properties of Shotcrete vs Cast in Place Concrete
Zhang , L., Morgan,  D.R., Canada Flexural Toughness Performance for Fiber Reinforced Shotcretes