Seabed Mapping and Inspection 2021

Call for abstract

We are calling for abstracts on technology developments, offshore tests, surveys both surface and subsurface.  We also welcome topics on renewable technologies.

The conference aim to focus on presentation from ongoing projects, research, new technology, offshore tests and inspection, from both R&D and the industry

Topics of interest

  • Seabed mapping in progress
  • Subsea inspection and positioning real data
  • Survey (basics, autonomous vessels, surface/submerged
  • AUV/Drones achievements - data/reporting
  • Emerging standards and regulations (IMO etc)
  • Data management, data integration
  • Environmental Survey 
  • Sensor technology solutions
  • Academic testing and commercial implementation
  • Experiences cases - what did we learn
  • Renewable technology and survey
  • Innovation and technology developments
  • Human resources – future challenges

Abstract submission deadline: 15 September 2020


Abstract guidelines
- What is new / technology details
- A story to tell
- A conclusion
- Non-commercial
- Minimum 250 words
- Contact details about corresponding author and co-authors

Author conditions
By submitting an abstract your work will be considered for a presentation in the conference program 2021.

When an abstract has been accepted for an oral presentation the following is required:

  1. A power point presentation to be handed in 2 days prior to the conference
  2. The presentation will be shared with the delegates as PDFs after the conference, a limited version to some extend is accepted
  3. There is no demand of submitting a full paper
  4. Speakers, one speaker per paper, will attend free of delegate fee. Expenses will not be covered by the organizer