Mar. 10–12 2021

Forum for technology innovation

The conference is known as the “Geilo conference" and is the preferred international forum for personnel working within the survey segment in the oil and gas industry.

The conference has an informal format and is known for willingly sharing knowledge and experiences and across companies. Perfect environment for dialogue, discussion and networking.

Call for abstract

We are calling for abstracts on technology developments, offshore tests, surveys both surface and subsurface.  We also welcome topics on renewable technologies.

Our goal is to present a program mixed with presentation from the industry itself and R&D

The abstracts submission process is closed, but should you wish to send us a suggestion we encourage you to forward to


The conference is planned for a physical execution in Geilo. Should the we still be affected by the pandemi challenges, we will consider a digital conference 


Share your knowledge

Conferences like this, where a diversity of key personnel gathers, is dependent on contributors who are willing to share and discuss challenges and experiences which is of great value for future projects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share YOUR knowledge and experiences with fellow colleagues and to influence the program of 2021!