Mar. 10
Hopin konferanseplattform, Nettbasert

Conference Format

The conference is known as the “Geilo conference" and is the preferred international forum for personnel working within the survey segment in the oil and gas industry.

The conference has an informal format and is known for willingly sharing knowledge and experiences and across companies. Perfect environment for dialogue, discussion and networking.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions the conference program will be over one day, the 10th March in a digital format.

We are sorry for the situation, but we are confident that we have a actual program that will be of great interest to the industry.

We do hope everyone who wish to support the conference and keep it alive will register also in a challinging time we all are a part of.

Digital Program 2021

The program committe has reviewed all abstracts and in additon invited some speaker who will be sharing news from ongoing projects and new technology and topics related to remote opearations which are on everyone's lips now.

Main Sessions:

  • Remote operations
  • New projects and technology development
  • Project and operational experiences

We hope you will be supporting the conference also 2021 and the conference is already booked in for Geilo 2022.

Share Your Knowledge!

The main purpose for this conferences is to gather a diversity of key personnel for techology update and sharing of vital experiences that brings the indistry furhter.

Conferences, or forums, like this is depending  on contributors who are willing to share and discuss challenges and experiences which is of great value for future projects.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear from major players, their experiences, technology updates and future plans.

We hope for your attendandce, your understanding and your support in order to keep this conference and important fourum alive.