Jan. 25

Tekna Biotek and The Life Science cluster will in this meeting present what is going on in the Field of Life Science in Oslo.

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What have been done in the Oslo area for unleashing the potential of Norway’s life Science sectors the last couple of years? In this meeting you will meet the people that stand behind many of the initiatives and also some of the users of facility’s and clusters.


Gaustadalleen 21, møterom: Forum
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15:00 - 15:10


v/Tekna Biotek

15:10 - 15:30

1. The Life Science cluster

v/Marius Øgaard, Managing Director

15:30 - 15:40

2. How to use The Life Science cluster

v/Attiq Virk, World Courier

15:40 - 16:00

3. ShareLab

v/Espen Nilsen, Managing Director

16:00 - 16:15

4. How to use ShareLab

v/Michael Solem, Omnicibus

16:15 - 16:30


16:30 - 16:50

5. The University of Oslo’s role in building the life science City, Oslo

v/ Svein Stølen, Principal of UIO

16:50 - 17:10

6. Catapult Life Science

v/ Astrid Hilde Myrset, CEO

17:10 - 17:25

7. How to use Catapult Life Science

v/ Bjørn K. Pedersen, Managing Director at Diatec Monoclonals

17:30 - 17:45

Tour around ShareLab

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