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Mar. 4–7 2018

The production chemistry network

The OFC Symposium has a good reputation for being a great conference due to the good mix of papers from the industry and the academia. With its friendly atmosphere, it is an excellent event to present at. The informal format facilitates for excellent networking and business partnerships.

The special topic of the 2018 symposium is The Role of the Production Chemist.  A short-course will be held on Sunday prior to the symposium as well as a program session dedicated to the subject will shed new light on the role of the production chemist and how we understand and manage production chemistry issues. 

Are we experts?

The production chemistry network is vital in the oil industry and teaching young colleagues is just as important as keeping yourself up to date with the developments.

The industry is developing continuously and it is important to be updated with the latest trends and technologies.  Register for this event, and acquire the latest information about the production chain and how the industry use oilfield chemistry to solve the ongoing challenges. 

Call for abstract

We call upon personnel who have been in the business for a long time as well as students/reasearchers and young professionals to submit an abstract for the program 2018.

We encourage all to share significant findings, research and experiences with the industry and be a part of the family of Geilo Oilfield Chemistry symposium,

See the abstract topics and details

Abstract submission deadline is 20 October  2018.
Abstract form

Program to be issued December 2017