Welcome to the 39th International North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop

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As an exhibitor at the North Sea Flow Management Workshop you have a unique opportunity to present your cutting-edge technology to delegetaes from all over the world. The large numbers of sponsors and exhibitors makes the Workshop event a complete arena for sharing experiences and encouraging discussions, with excellent networking opportunities. There is limited space available for exhibitors. First come, first served basis.

  • Standard Package

This includes 3x2 m floor space, electricity, table/ table cloth and chairs.

Price NOK 32 000,- plus VAT 25%

  • Plus Package

This includes 3x2 m floor space, electricity, table/tablecloth, chair. This option gives you a dedicated time slot for presentig during the Manufactures Session, There is a maximum of 12 slots available. Read more about the Manufactures session here.

Price: NOK 37 000,- plus VAT 25%

Exhibiting shelfs will not be provided by the organizers. All exhibitors will be listed as sponsors.

Delegate registration and delegate fee

The price and booking on this page does not include mandatory delegate fees and accommodation. All personnel and delegates must be registered through the main event page.

Main event page

Please note all payments on the exhibition must be done by credit card upon registration.

We will be offering sponsor opportunities at the workshop. Please contact Tekna for further information.

The exhibit will be in the Ormen Lange conference hall at the venue hotel. 
All refreshments will be served in the exhibition area throughout the workshop.

We ask that your stand is ready at the beginning of the confernce on Tuesday 26 October at 1200. 

All stands must be free standing and contained within the required size, which is a maximum of 3x2meters.

The venue address is:

Quality Hotel Tønsberg, Ollebukta 3, N- 3126 Tønsberg, Norway

All shipments sent to the hotel must be marked as follows:

NSFMW 2021/Exhibition Material
Your company name

The stand must and should be dismantled after 15:00 and before 19:00 on Thursday 29 October 2021.

Please note:
Clearance costs must be paid by you, the sender, BEFORE delivery, and must be stated when sending the material to Norway.  The hotel WILL NOT accept shipments from companies if the above is not clarified on the shipment papers. Please contact your local shipment agency for more details.

NB! The hotel and/or the organizers will not take any responsibility for customs fees, delayed or misplaced shipments.

The price for the Plus Package is NOK 37 000.- plus VAT 25%

This package includes:

  • 3x2m floor space, electricity, table/table cloth and chairs
  • Meeting room for presentations during the Manufacturing Session Wednesday 23rd October 2021
  • One half page ad, size 193 x 133 mm in landscape, to be printed in the Workshop brochure which is distributed at the workshop.

The manufacturer session gives the companies the possibilitiy to present any topic of interest on Wednesday 27 October 2021.  The session will take place between 10.30 and 12.45.

There will only be 12 companies with the Plus Package, each will be allocated a meeting room to use for this session.

All companies must keep the same time schedule. There will be 30 minutes for each presentations and 15 minutes break for delegates to move to the next session.

Note: Prepare one presentation to repeat three times. This will allow delegates to visit different sessions/presentations and the vendors will benefit from being visited by three different groups during this time.

Ads for the exhibitor Plus Package must be delivered as a half page ad ready to print, size 193 x 133 mm in landscape. Tekna will not accept text, pictures and logos separately.

Please forward the ad to ahl@tekna.no no later than 1 October 2021.