Mar. 24
Microsoft Teams, Nettbasert

Looking for a new job? Or just looking to expand your professional network? Find out what creating a free profile on LinkedIn – this social network boasting 760+ million accounts in 150+ countries – can do for you.

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This course will help you network on LinkedIn through creating your own professional profile in English.

  • Learn profile essentials, including correct job titles, experience descriptions and a well-written summary

  • Get to know the English terms and phrases you need to put together a description of yourself that will catch the reader’s interest without depending on timeworn business clichés

  • Achieve both self-confidence and the opportunity to expand your network to reach a whole new world of contacts for getting a new job, growing your network or just increasing your knowledge

  • Have your LinkedIn text proofread at no additional cost

We live stream! We ask that you sign up for this course, and will send you a link to it when the date approaches. The Teams link is sent to the email address you have registered in our member system.

The webinar is open for Tekna members only.

  • Karin Lee-Hansen

    Course instructor Karin Lee is former Tekna's District Manager for the Agder region. Born and raised in the US, she lived in southern Norway for several years and taught various work-related courses around the country. She uses LinkedIn on a daily basis.