Sept. 10

Make your own plant monitoring IoT device!

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In this 3 hour workshop you will make an Internet of Things (IoT) device. The device – that you can take home with you afterwards – will be able to measure the surrounding temperature, light level and soil moisture of your plants.

The workshop will start with a 30 minutes theoretical introduction. This introduction will be streamed and can be viewed again later. Finally you will assemble and program your IoT device.

You must bring your own PC. You should have some basic programming skills, but you do not need any prior experience with IoT programming or the particular language we'll use (probably Arduino, maybe MicroPython). No software needs to be installed before the workshop.

We serve baguettes from 4:30PM. The workshop starts at 5PM.

The workshop is organized by Tekna Big Data – a professional network which you can join for free if you are a Tekna member. We will sponsor the IoT device, but we do require a small participant fee. You must sign up to participate, but no sign up is needed to watch the streaming (which will be free and open to everyone; a streaming URL will be published here later).


Tekna Studio, 4th floor of Ingeniørenes Hus, Kronprinsens gate 17, Oslo
  • Albert Skog

    Produktutvikler, Smartlab

    Inventas AS avd Oslo

    Albert Skog is an electronics engineer with broad experience in IoT, having worked both in chip manufacturing and wireless networking. Currently he is helping companies of all sizes make their product ideas into real devices as a design engineer at Inventas, Norway's largest design house for product development.

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