In 2019 Erik Thygesen received "Brian Mar Best Student paper award". Welcome to a presentation of his paper.

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Erik Thygesen received "Brian Mar Best Student paper award" at INCOSE International Symposium 2019 in Orlando, USA. He received this award for his excellent research contribution to the Systems Engineering body of knowledge.

The title of the paper is "Improving the information transfer between engineering and installation; case study at AS Nymo ".

Erik Thygesen presents his research for Tekna members and anyone else who is interested: Whether you're a Systems Engineering professional, considering to become one or are just curious about this exciting engineering discipline, this is an event for you.

USN is a member of the Norwegian Center of Expertise in Systems Engineering, and a major international actor within the field. This is not coincidental, but rather a product of tight collaboration with the advanced Kongsberg industry, known for its complex product development companies.

Associates from the University will hold a series of three lectures on the topic, ranging from general introduction to Systems Engineering to presentations of fresh and exciting research performed at the University."


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