Sept. 19

In this workshop we will explore, experiment and reflect on improvisation awareness, mindset and skillsets that are also beneficial for a leader.

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Leadership is a practical skillset encompassing the ability to "lead" or guide others in the accomplishment of a common task. Improvisation is a creative method to spontaneously and positively achieve objectives with the resources at hand. Both require versatile skillsets centred around collaboration, communication, awareness, emotional intelligence, and establishing team dynamics.

This workshop is collaborative and will involve brainstorming, discussion and improvised exercises and scenarios that are inherently fun to work with whilst also being interesting. Some exercises will work on specific skills – like awareness, physicality and body language, collaborating / blocking, leading / following – some exercises may incorporate several elements in parallel.

There is no obligation to perform any of the exercises – it is all purely voluntary and intended to be fun and enlightening.

We will bring focus to certain leadership skills that are also at the core of improvisation. We will explore and experiment with various improvisation exercises in groups and reflect on improvisation awareness. mindset and skillsets that are also beneficial for a leader.

We will use professional improvisation techniques to shine light on the ways we can lead (and follow), what we see and what the others see, the ways we create and discover, and the ways we collaborate and communicate.

More about improvisation and leadership

Most of us have at some point been in a leader position or role – whether socially or professionally – it's an important life experience that some people thrive at, while it can make others uncomfortable. Not everyone is a born leader, but we all have an idea of a good or a bad leader. We have all been in a good team, or a bad team. We all have a sense of leadership.

It turns out the way we lead, create, and play in teams matters to the team dynamics. There are many factors at play in these experiences, but most likely things evolve spontaneously. And spontaneity is where improvisation comes in.

Improvisation teaches us that we can develop awareness of self and other, we can develop presence, we can develop communication and collaboration skills to react positively in the moment. Such skills are invaluable to a leader and can be exercised and reflected upon. We will do so together.

The speaker:

Kevin Gow is a performing improviser, teacher, and improv coach based in Majorstua, Oslo. Improv, applied improv, and personal development (self and other's) are his life passion.

  • He is the Director of Oslo Improfestival, ( (28 Oct - 3 Nov) an internationally acclaimed improv comedy theater festival
  • He has performed professionally as an actor on the main stage of Den Norsk Opera & Ballet in several large productions: Don Giovanni, Lucia di Lammermoor.
  • He is a Mechanical System Analysis Engineer, and Project Manager across various industries.
  • He is very fascinated by psychology and story, and the concept of the hero's journey.
  • He loves helping others to unlock their passion.


Registration and meal service from 16:30.



Address: Kronprinsens gate 17, floor, Klubben.

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