Oct. 20
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A practical introduction to mathematical optimization.

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Mathematical optimization is the art of finding good or even provably best solutions to difficult problems, from organizing movements of planes in a large airport to the placement of windmills.

It can help you make the most of your data and resources, resulting in cost savings and higher revenues – and improved products or services. Complex business and engineering problems in a wide variety of industries can be solved with mathematical optimization.

In this seminar, we will give a short introduction to optimization illustrated by three use cases: automotive, wind power, and aviation.

You will learn about:

  • What is meant with "optimize" and "optimization" in mathematical terms?
  • How to evaluate optimization algorithms and to pose critical questions:
  • Which type of algorithm is suitable for your problem?
  • What are good objectives and constraints?
  • How can the results be applied to your practical setting?
  • How optimization is applied in practice through 3 industrial cases

We are also planning a practical follow-up to this seminar, a physical workshop where you can get hands-on experience with modelling and solving optimization problems.

Note that this event is in English. After each presentation, you will be able to ask questions to the speakers.

The webcast is free and open to anyone interested. You should have a basic understanding of math.


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Møtet arrangeres av fagnettverket Tekna Big Data. Det er gratis og uforpliktende for deg som er Tekna-medlem å bli med i våre faglige nettverk.

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1. Welcome and Introduction

Heidi Dahl, Sintef and chairman of Tekna Big Data board

2. Intro into Optimization

Torkel Hauffman, SINTEF

3. Mathematical optimization for offshore wind farm design

Martina Fischetti, Vattenfall

4. Optimization in RENAULT supply chain and manufacturing.

Alain Nguyen, Renault

5. Optimization in Aviation

Patrick Schittekat, SINTEF

6. Closing and remarks

Heidi Dahl, Sintef and chairman of Tekna Big Data board

  • Martina Fischetti

    Martina Fischetti is the Lead Engineer in Operations Research at Vattenfall BA Wind, where she leads the optimization area in offshore wind. She holds an industrial Ph.D. in Operations Research (OR) from the Technical University of Denmark. Her main interest is in the application of OR techniques to renewable challenges. Her Ph.D. on the use of mathematical models and algorithms for wind farm design won numerous awards, including EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award (EDDA 2019), Erhvervsforskerprisen (Best Industrial Ph.D.) (2019), Finalist for the INFORMS Franz Edelman Award (2019), Best Italian Researcher in Denmark (BIRD 2020), Glover-Klingman prize (2018).

  • Torkel Andreas Haufmann


    SINTEF Avd Forskningsveien Oslo

    Torkel Andreas Haufmann is the Research Manager of the Optimization group at SINTEF. He joined SINTEF after receiving his MSc in 2011, later obtaining a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the University of Oslo. Since 2018 he has been back within SINTEF as a research scientist. His current research interest is in applied optimization, using both heuristic and exact approaches to solve problems arising from real-world applications.

  • Alain Nguyen

    Renault Head of Operarations Research Team


    Alain Nguyen is RENAULT’s combinatorial optimization expert. He is in charge of the OR team at the digital transformation department. Since the early 2000s, he has contributed to developing RENAULT optimization tools at the supply chain and manufacturing and organized industrial challenges on car sequencing (with French OR society ROADEF in 2005) and container loading (with the EURO working group ESICUP in 2015). He is also a member of the bureau of the French OR society since 2019.

  • Patrick Schittekat

    Senior Research Scientist

    SINTEF Avd Forskningsveien Oslo

    Patrick Schittekat is Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF. He has 17 years of experience both in the software industry and in research. He pursued and obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics, Optimization for Industrial Applications while starting the Belgian subsidiary of ORTEC, a planning software supplier using OR. After this, he was a Professor in Operations Management at the Free University of Brussels before he moved to SINTEF. Patrick has been responsible for several aviation and air traffic control projects within the Optimization Group at SINTEF's Mathematics and Cybernetics department. The team has developed industry-leading decisions support for Aviation and Air Traffic Control (ATC). Their work for ATC received an outstanding project award in SESAR, the largest EU modernization program for ATC systems. His research focuses on designing and evaluating optimization techniques for scheduling, sequencing, and routing in safety- and time-critical domains. In addition, Patrick is one of the coordinators of the European Working Group for OR in Practice.

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