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fib International Symposium on Conceptual Design of Concrete Structures Oslo 2023

Conceptual design Award

fib’s international competition of young minds

Under the fib Conceptual Design 2023 symposium a competition will be organized for students, young engineers and architects. The ambition of the symposium is to help young designers to develop skills in conceptual design, and to be more clever than the present conceptual designers. The challenges ahead are more serious than before; climate, sustainability, energy, infrastructure, circular economy, safe living, and safe cities to name a few. Therefore, to help young designers it is equally important to understand what challenges they see ahead and how they will make a conceptual design for such a problem. We are looking at the future value based on its needs. There are many definitions of conceptual design. Rather than giving one, the organizers of this conceptual design symposium prefer to focus on the result of the conceptual design, preferably being beneficial for the concrete industry as well as the world around.


The competition is open for students, young engineers and architects under the age of 35. As a participant in fib’s international competition of young minds for Conceptual Design 2023 you must register your group
(1 to 3 persons) in one of the categories below:

  • Student
  • Young engineer/architect (Max 35 years)


Students, young engineers and architects are challenged to conceptualize a solution for tomorrow. This includes investigating and highlighting future challenges within the concrete industry and conceptualizing and illustrating the concept. Topic areas for the solution include, but are not limited to concrete production, concrete construction, digitalization, domestic application, large-scale applications, concrete materials, re-use, strengthening and restoration, reinforcement, structural designs, and waste-reduction.

It should also be stated which of the following symposium categories the solution falls under:

Main categories:

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Circular economy

With subcategories:

  • Execution
  • Structures
  • Materials
  • Digitalization


The concept will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Economy
  • Feasibility
  • Impact

The entries will be forwarded to a committee for evaluation and nomination. 10 nominees for the awards will be identified.

The winners will be announced during the symposium dinner.


Top ten entries will be asked to present their project during the symposium according to chosen presentation format.

The winning team from each group will win a prize of 1500€, honoring at the symposium dinner and a diploma.


Entry format

For the Conceptual design award contest presentation formats as papers, posters drawings, models or visual materials like prototypes, videos, visual essays or even VR experiences are accepted.

For those who choose paper as a format the instructions for papers must be followed. Papers not nominated will be forwarded to the Scientific Committee of the symposium for review together with the other papers submitted for the symposium. This will not be a possibility for other formats.

Other entry formats should be according to the description in your abstract. Contact fibcdoslo2023@tekna.no if your chosen format does not fit the entry portal to make arrangements for the submission.

We encourage cross-collaboration, getting both architecture, engineering and design students working together

For conceptual design wide collaboration between engineers, architects and designers should be the default, but many experience silo thinking as an obstacle. We encourage cross-collaboration and if you need to find a collaboration partner for your project we would like to help. We have included the following option in the registration form: “yes I would like help to find a partner for this project”. The review team will then try to find matches among the entries.

Full paper submitting link

Important dates:

  1. Submission of entry according to chosen presentation form by March 27th
  2. Award presentation during the symposium

If you have any questions regarding the paper/presentation or contest, please contact us: fibcdoslo2023@tekna.no