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fib International Congress 2022 Oslo

Innovation Contest

fib Innovation Award – Contest guide

Objective: The Innovation Contest challenges the participants to present novel, but not limited to, innovative solutions that demonstrate how the concrete industry contributes to meet the future challenges concerning sustainability. The best solutions will be displayed for international media to attract interest for the potentials in concrete innovations.

Participants: The competition is open for individuals or teams, representing one or more links in the value chain of the building and construction industry.

Innovation themes: Solutions for improved sustainability within each of the following themes will be awarded:
1. Concrete materials
2. Construction methods
3. Structural design and performance
4. Service life
5. Open class (e.g. a combination of two or more themes and construction projects)

Schedule and Deliverables:
1. Abstract submission deadline by 01. of November 2021
2. Acceptance of abstract by 04. of January 2022
3. Full Paper issued by 12. of February 2022
4. Acceptance of full paper will not be given before full registration fee is paid - The registration deadline is 01. of March  
5. Notification of nomination by 01. of May 2022
6. Presentation at the conference
7. Award presentation at the conference dinner

Criteria: There are several definitions of Innovation. We use the following (“Oslo Manual”, 3rd edition, 2005):
An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organization or external relations.

Innovation activities are all scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial steps which actually or are intended to, lead to the implementation of innovations. Innovation activities also include R&D that is not directly related to the development of a specific innovation.

Please describe the innovation or potential innovation, and address the following:

  • What is it - a new product, a new service, a new production process or a new application?
  • What challenge does it solve?
  • Who needs it?
  • What is the potential value creation and the potential market?

Abstracts: Maximum 300 words.
- See guidelines for abstract

Nominees for the awards will be identified in the conference papers.

Papers: Papers shall be written according to the paper guidelines of the Congress but marked "Innovation Contest". The papers will be forwarded to the nomination committee for evaluation and nomination for the final of the contest. Papers not nominated will be forwarded to the Scientific Committee of the Congress for review together with the other papers submitted for the conference.

Final Presentation and Evaluation: The final oral presentations take place in a special plenary competition session at the conference, followed by a final evaluation of the committee. The winners will be announced during the conference dinner.

Award: The award is the honouring at the conference dinner, display for international media, a diploma and a plaque.

If you have any questions about the paper/presentation or contest, please contact: fibcongress2022@tekna.no