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fib International Congress 2022 Oslo


We open for papers within all aspects of concrete structures. Since the overall theme of the Congress is innovation for sustainability, we hope that the papers represent innovative solutions demonstrating how the concrete industry contributes to meet the future challenges concerning sustainability, including circular economy and building information modelling.  
Papers will be organised in the following main topics:

  1. Concrete and concrete materials, e.g.
    a. Eco-efficiency
    b. Durability
    c. Test methods
    d. Innovative materials and concretes
    e. Recycling

  2. Construction methods, e.g.
    a. Construction techniques
    b. Reinforcement concepts
    c. Materials concept
    d. Formwork
    e. Aesthetics

  3. Structural design and performance, e.g.
    a Conceptual design
    b. Performances based specification
    c. Material models
    d. Safety and reliability

  4. Service life, e.g.
    a. Durability and extended liftime
    b. Life cycle assessment
    c. Monitoring and structural assessment
    d. Strengthening and repair

  5. Innovative case studies and trend-setting projects, e.g.
    a. Bridges
    b. Buildings
    c. Tunnel solutions
    d. Energy harvesting structures

  6. Innovation in standards and regulations, e.g.
    a. ModelCode 2020
    b. Other pre-normative work
    c. Normative work, e. g. CEN, ISO, ACI
    d. Regional work