Apr. 27
Zoom, Nettbasert

Join fellow engineers for an informal chat in person. Because sharing is caring.

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The Ethics and Leadership group in Tekna Oslo presents The Engineer’s House*, an informal arena for connecting in person. If you have been to any Tekna events, you probably appreciate the socialising part of it, like meeting new people, discussing what you’ve learnt or had a talk outside of the event’s topic.

It’s not easy to predict when we will be able to experience this again. But today, we have an opportunity to get that exact feeling of attending a live event. The pandemic is not a reason to stay disconnected!

Join us during your lunch break for a short chat and get connected with engineers like you.

This event is for you:

  • if you seek in-person experience
  • if you feel isolated at home office
  • if you're keen to expand your network
  • if you're a life-long learner
  • if you are introverted
  • if you are extraverted
  • if you like sharing ideas

Event Format

We are aware of the enormous digital pressure nowadays, so we designed the event to last 40-45 minutes at most. We will be using the Zoom platform and breakout rooms where the participants will be able to choose a room they would like to join. We will also encourage you to switch on web-cameras for a better experience.

Part 1. Welcome & Introduction

Part 2. Discussions in rooms

Part 3. Takeaways & Thank you

*Inclusive, transparent, insightful, thought-provoking and energy-generating

This event is a collaboration between The Ethics and leadership group and Tekna Young.