Oct. 2

A good CV and application letter may be your ticket to an interview, and is well worth spending time on. But what should you remember to include on you CV and in your application letter, and what should you avoid?

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This seminar gives you specific advise in areas such as communication strategy, CV- and application writing. When writing your CV and application letter it is very important to adjust the content to whom you are communicating with. Who is your target group, and what is the message you want to convey? Many jobseekers fail to see the importance of this and can potentially miss out on opportunities.

Target Group

Tekna members who are looking for a job or consider a job change


Camilla Bjelland from NES Advantage.. Camilla has long experience with recruitment and outplacement.

Practical information

We serve sandwiches from 16:30 - 17:00. Let us know if you have special requirements.