Sept. 27
Streaming, Nettbasert

Julien's popular lectures about the Norwegian culture is full of humour and reflected inputs about Norwegians and cultural differences.

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Through entertaining stories and simple illustrations, you will learn about behaviours, norms and values that influence interpersonal interactions in Norway.

You will understand better the Norwegian social logic, verbal and non-verbal communication, politeness, relationships, emotions, equality, leadership, decisions making processes and much more.

The lecture helps Norwegians and foreigners to understand the benefits and challenges of a diverse workforce in Norway.

Welcome to an entertaining and educational lecture under the auspices of Tekna's local branches.

Link to the event will be sent by email to you on the same day as the event takes place.

After the lecture, there will be opportunities to ask questions to Julien.

About Julien S. Bourrelle

Julien is a Canadian rocket scientist specialized in astrodynamic engineering. He studied and lived in a variety of countries where he adapted his lifestyle to the local cultural norms and rituals. Moving to Norway in 2009 has been the most challenging cultural experiences of his life and the starting point of an unexpected career. He is the author of «The Social Guidebook to Norway».