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Call for Abstracts

BIOPROSP is an excellent arena for showcasing your research in the poster sessions and/or as a presentation in the main program. We are aiming for 250+ international representatives from academic- and R&D institutions as well as industry representatives.  

Submit your abstract using this online form.

Deadline: 1 December 2022



  • All submitted abstracts will be assessed by the members the BIOPROSP scientific committee.
  • Approved abstracts will be published prior to BIOPROSP_23 (you may choose not to, in the online form).
  • You must register as "Call for abstracts" participant at bioprosp.com.
  • For a letter that confirms you attendance, poster and/or speech, please contact the project manager at sverre.roed@tekna.no (after the event).  
  • The scientific committee will prioritize abstracts on scientific results and research that has potential for industrial application. Emphasis should thus be placed on presenting results, conclusions and highlight possible use.
  • Details about the funding sources, partners, planning and known methodology should be limited. The entire conference is in English and submitted abstracts must also be in English.
  • We welcome applications from both young and more established scientists, representing research institutions, universities or enterprises. PhD-students are encouraged to participate – and from early November 2022 on, it will be possible to apply for a free ticket.
  • Approved abstracts will be offered a poster space at the BIOPROSP_23 conference venue. There is also the opportunity for some of the approved abstracts to be presented during the conference, as part of the program.
  • It is important to take into account that the oral presentations and the material must be made accessible also for industry representatives as well as scientists of other disciplines

Thank you for sharing your insights with us. We are looking forward to seeing you at BIOPROSP_23.


BIOPROSP_23 Topics

BIOPROSP aims to present research results within the field of marine bioprospecting and biotechnology. In 2023, the conference invites researchers to present posters and hold oral presentations that are relevant for the BIOPROSP_23 sessions, which are:

Computational tools for biotech

With computing hardware becoming ever faster and more accessible, advanced computational approaches, such molecular modeling and computer simulations, has made it more exciting than ever to bring to life new molecules. Moreover, automated pipelines based on algorithms, and recently advancing with machine learning and AI approaches, has made it far easier for any wet lab person to do computer-driven innovation. In this session we will explore recent advances on biocatalyst discovery and optimization.

Natural product discovery and biomedical applications

The discovery of natural products and bioactive compounds has contributed and inspired the development of several new medicines and other health promoting ingredients. It is important to understand the biosynthetic pathways and biological targets of these natural products. This session will address advances in this field and the technologies that enables the identification and isolation of new compounds.

Marine Biodiversity

This session will address the biodiversity of marine ecosystems and the discoveries linked to various applications.

Marine enzymes

Marine enzymes enable sustainable processes for the development of high-value products. In this session we will focus on cutting edge topics in the field, including new biocatalysts, new enzyme cascades, and new approaches for discovery, engineering and microbial or cell-based production, complemented with examples of marine applications and these present new opportunities in the marine bioeconomy.


Submit your abstracts using this online form.

The abstracts will be published prior to BIOPROSP_23.

Deadline: 1 December 2022

Accepted speakers and posters, attend the conference at reduced price.


For any questions, please contact the conference secretary: Sverre Røed-Bottenvann sverre.roed@tekna.no,(+47) 917 02 599