Mar. 9–10
Streaming, Nettbasert


Below the surface of the Arctic sea, between cold and apparently barren mountain landscapes, there is a bustling biological activity – and hidden messages.

The marine resources of Northern Norway have been the main livelihood for the people of the area for millennia.

Join our flagship international scientific conference on marine bioprospecting and biotechnology.

BIOPROSP is organized by a partnership of both Norwegian and international stakeholders. See below for organizer network.

Discover. Learn. Transform.

BIOPROSP_21 is the 10th biennial, international, scientific conference within applied research within marine biotechnology and bioprospecting.

BIOPROSP_21: Digital conference

BIOPROSP_21 is a brief, but inspiring and useful (and free) digital experience! 

Pre-event, 2 March: What is bioprospecting?

You can now join Teknas pre-event, 2 March and see a handful of inspiring examples on bioprospecting!

For whom?

BIOPROSP is an exciting and rewarding conference for researchers and representatives from both research institutions and enterprises.

The Call for Abstracts is open! 

Submit you abstract today. We will open a digital poster exhibition. The abstracts will be published and the participants can enter your exhibition, see your presentation or meet you face to face for a discussion.

...and last, but not the least: Take a look at the program!

Featured speakers

Chris Bowler
Director of Research / Director of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Section

French National Centre for Scientific Research / l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS) (France)

Marcel Jaspars

Marine Biodiscovery Centre, University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK)

Fernando de la Calle
Head of the Microbiology Dpt. Drug Discovery (R&D)

PharmaMar (Spain)

BIOPROSP_21 is developed by:

  • Mabit
  • UiT
  • NORD
  • Norce
  • ABS Int
  • Blue Legasea