BIOPROSP_21 | online

PhD Course & Workshop

Course for PhDs: Marine Bioprospecting and Bioactive Compounds for Health.

Register now and read more at the UiT webpage! The deadline is 15 December

This course takes place prior to BIOPROSP_21 and ends with a workshop at the first conference day (9 March), on systems biology.

You may still take part in the workshop even if you are not participating at the course. Sign up for BIOPROSP_21 and tick the box for PhD workshop. You will later receive practical information from UiT.

Course activities

  • 2-5 March: The lectures take place Tuesday - Friday.
  • 9 March: PhD pre conference workshop, Title: Systems biology
  • 9 – 20 March: The BIOPROSP Conference
  • The exam takes place at some point during week 11 Exam

Course committee

  • Klara Stensvåg, professor , UiT (main responsible)
  • Hans-Christopher Bernstein, Professor, UiT
  • Bengt Erik Haug, professor, UiB
  • Tor Haug, professor, UiT