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Call for Abstracts

We do everything in our power to ensure that BIOPROSP_21 holds a high academic quality and to be a rewarding arena for you to present your research.

Digital poster

In 2021 BIOPROSP goes digital, so your poster will be a digital one.

  • Once your abstract has been approved, you will be asked to send a link to your poster presentation in google slides
  • You will then have a digital booth at the conference
  • The particpants can see your poster in your booth along with a brief description
  • The participants may then make contact with you - or you can interact directly inside the booth, by chat or by video conference

The abstract

Submit your abstracts using this online form.

Deadline: 24 February 2021.

  • All submitted abstracts will be assessed by the members the BIOPROSP scientific committee.
  • Approved abstracts will be published prior to BIOPROSP_21 (you may choose not to, in the online form).
  • You must register as "Call for abstracts" at
  • For a letter that confirms you attendance, poster and/or speech, please contact the project manager at (after the event).  
  • The scientific committee will prioritize abstracts on scientific results and research that has potential for industrial application. Emphasis should thus be placed on presenting results, conclusions and highlight possible use.
  • Details about the funding sources, partners, planning and known methodology should be limited. The entire conference is in English and submitted abstracts must also be in English.
  • We welcome applications from both young and more established scientists, representing research institutions, universities or enterprises. PhD-students are encouraged to participate – and from early September 2020 on, it will be possible to apply for a free ticket.
  • Approved abstracts will be offered a digital poster space at BIOPROSP_21 online conference venue. There is also the opportunity for some of the approved abstracts to be presented during the conference, as part of the program.
  • It is important to take into account that the oral presentations and the material must be made accessible also for industry representatives as well as scientists of other disciplines

Thank you for sharing your insights with us. We are looking forward to seeing you at BIOPROSP_21.


BIOPROSP aims to present research results within the field of marine bioprospecting and biotechnology. In 2021, the conference invites researchers to present posters and hold oral presentations that are relevant for the BIOPROSP_21 sessions, which are:

Accessing Biodiversity
Biodiversity of the marine ecosystems: Understanding, conservation and sustainable exploitation. Taxonomy of marine organisms, biogeography, and genetic diversity, diversity patterns, co-existence of marine species and their interactions, function and services of marine ecosystems and factors that influence these ecosystems, as well as present and future exploitation of marine biodiversity, the regulatory framework and perspectives. The session also covers description of methods for understanding, conserving and exploiting biodiversity.

Tools for Marine Bioprospecting
The importance of the complementary use of (multiple) omics repertoire (genomics, transcriptomic, proteomics and metabolomics) with state-of-the-art tools such as bioinformatics, machine learning/artificial intelligence in harnessing the true potential of marine macro- and microorganisms in bioprospecting and addressing the main bottlenecks.

Scale-up and Industrialization
Transformation from vision to market success. Different phases of scale-up technologies, and business innovation, from idea to implementation, to regulatory landscape, market opportunities and market authorization.

Success Stories
Applications of marine research and how marine bioactive compounds can represent a major market opportunity in biotechnological, pharmaceutical or other industries. Fundamental research, blue biotech and discoveries with commercial potential should also be addressed.


Submit your abstracts using this online form.

The abstracts will be published prior to BIOPROSP_21.

Deadline: 24 February 2021


For any questions, please contact the conference secretary: Arild Ulset, (+47) 90574596