Discover and transform. BIOPROSP is the international biennial scientific conference on marine biotechnology. We aim to translate basic research into applied research with industrial application.


  • Hear about the latest research and its potential
  • Learn from stories about industrial application of marine research and marine bioprospecting
  • Meet top scientists, industry representatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world within the field of marine biotechnology
  • Meet decision makers from industries such as biotech, medicine, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical, as well as representatives from public support systems
  • Take part in pre-conference workshops
  • Seize the opportunity to present your scientific results: How can they be put into use?

Stay put - and save the date!

We promise to create a scientific program that is useful and inspiring for representatives from both research institutions and enterprises. Sessions and session keynotes will be published in June 2020.

The call for abstracts will be published in June 2020

BIOPROSP_21 Sessions

BIOPROSP_21 will cover the following topics:

Session 1: Accessing Biodiversity
The biodiversity of the marine habitat ecosystems: Conservation and sustainable exploitation.

Session 2: Tools for Marine Bioprospecting
Tools from genomics to metabolomics: Cutting edge methods in synthetic biology and accessing compounds from macro and micro algae.

Session 3: Scale-up and Industrialization
Technology scale-up and business innovation from idea to implementation: Regulatory landscape, market opportunities and market authorization.

Session 4: Success Stories
Application of marine research: Marine bio-active compounds, a major opportunity in biotechnological, pharmaceutical or other industries.


BIOPROSP is held every two years with a focus on the exploitation of biotechnology in marine environments. It takes place in the capital of the Arctic world, a university town in northern Norway called Tromsø. The conference has outgrown its name from when it was first organized in 2002 and over the past 14 years has become one of the most knowledge-rich conferences not only in the field of marine bioprospecting, but in the field of biotechnology, attracting top talent from Europe and abroad.

Originally initiated by the MABIT Programme, BIOPROSP is made possible with the continued cooperation of universities, R&D institutions and industry representatives. Tekna (The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals) took over the responsibility for BIOPROSP in 2018. However, the partner organizations and other involved stakeholders are still the same, but becoming more international.

Photo credit

Picture 1: Kjartan Mæstad / Havforskningsinstituttet
Picture 2: Mareano / Havforskningsinstituttet
Picture 3: Helge Skodvin / Havforskningsinstituttet