Discover and transform

Below the surface of the Arctic sea, between cold and apparently barren mountain landscapes, there is a bustling biological activity – and hidden messages.

The marine resources of Northern Norway have been the main livelihood for the people of the area for millennia.

Images: Algelab/Havforskningsinstituttet, Magnus Einar Johannessen

An international scientific gathering in the North

BIOPROSP_21 is the 10th biennial, international, scientific conference on marine biotechnology and bioprospecting.

Travel to arctic Norway - seize the opportunity to meet with internationally renowned scientists, business delegates, or even present your own research.


For whom?

BIOPROSP is an exciting and rewarding place to be for researchers and representatives from both research institutions and enterprises.

Stay put for side-events, and social events!

At last, but not least, you may meet new people at the opening party or at the conference banquet.