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Unique symposium

Tekna and the program committee encourage oilfield chemists, scientists, engineers and students to attend the 30th anniversary conference.

The unique atmosphere at the venue hotel Dr Holms gives a perfect frame for the 3 days of conference.  It is indeed informal and it is an event where one easily get in contact with each other. 

You will meet colleagues who possesses competence and many years of experiences presenting new lab and field results, new technology, new ways to look at challenges and of course project successes.

Speakers and delegates representing operators, academia and research, consultancy, manufacturing, service and chemical supply sector.

Improving the industry by interaction

It has never been more important to share knowledge in order to move forwards together in a more efficient and enlightened way. The sharing of knowledge from fundamental academic studies to field cases helps us all to better safe guard and enhance production.

Moving forward by new insight

New monitoring techniques and analyzing methods can enable us to better optimize and understand our systems and treatments, allowing both preventative action and treatment optimization. Interaction between all disciplines is of importance to develop and grow. 

Don’t miss this event register now and be a part of this important environment for a sustainable and environmentally friendlier production.