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Apply for "samfunnsmidler"

Do you have a local project you’re passionate about that needs funding? You can now apply for Tekna’s community project funding grants (samfunnsmidler).   

Projects must meet certain criteria:

Project applications must do one or more of the following:

  • Create activities for members and other local actors that demonstrate STEM subjects’ importance in society
  • Encourage and/or implement STEM-related activities and/or stimulate interest for STEM-related subjects
  • Help increase Tekna’s visibility as a social actor
  • Contribute to Tekna’s social mission as a trade union/the important role trade unions play in the workplace
  • Contribute to the UN’s sustainability goals
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Apply for "samfunnsmidler"

You’ll find the application form in the Tekna company representatives’ Teams page. The payment form and project report form will be posted there during the fall.

Selection and application:

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for the selection process. Supported by Tekna’s central administration, a committee comprised of two representatives from the Professional Development Committee (Fagutvalget) and two representatives from the Local Branch Committee (Avdelingsutvalget) evaluates all applications. The Professional Development Committee then nominates its “winners” to the Executive Board, which determines how funds will be distributed.

In order to receive samfunnsmidler, applications must also meet the following requirements:  

  • Tekna’s digital samfunnsmidler application form must be used.
  • The application must contain detailed plans for projects’ progression and financing.
  • Project applications requesting full funding from samfunnsmidler will not be prioritized (this is because all projects must be partially financed from other sources).
  • Final reports detailing each project’s status must be written and submitted to Tekna by 15 December of the award year.
  • Any unused funding may not be carried over to the following year; they must be accounted for in the award year.

Whenever these projects are mentioned by members in any context, the fact that they have been funded by Tekna must be highlighted.