Concrete Innovation Conference 2014 - CIC 2014



Please note that CIC2014 is a peer-reviewed conference, but without any copyright of your work. 

Welcome to "Concrete Innovation Conference" (CIC 2014) in Oslo. The gathering for all professionals dedicated to concrete, innovation and future building!

CIC 2014 ( ) is going to be the hotspot for professionals working with the future of the concrete industry. We invite teams to present their work on concrete innovations, and to take part of the Concrete Innovation Contest linked to the conference. Basic knowledge of challenges for building industry is obviously useful to bring the concrete industry forward.

The future needs expressed by the industry and the society, such as energy saving, reduced CO2-emission and resources use, efficient construction and higher performance to lower cost, are innovation drivers. The conference themes will be based on this. To underline the importance of innovation, a contest will be organized to highlight the best innovation.

Innovation is more, however, than knowledge about specific subjects. Innovation is a way of thinking, a way of collaborating, and a way of putting knowledge and competence in new contexts to arrive at new products and new services, to the benefit of the industry and the society. This has been exercised in the unique program Concrete Innovation Centre, "COIN" ( ). Within COIN the concrete industry, research institutes and the Norwegian government have focused their efforts on achieving innovation through joint research. And now, the next step is to clearly demonstrate the results for everyone, to inform, inspire and achieve further development.

At the same time we take the opportunity to invite also others from the concrete industry, who believes in innovation, to bring forward their experiences. In total we wish to establish a dynamic conference for exchange of ideas and results among academics and users, and contribute to a prosperous future.

Welcome to Oslo 11 - 13 June 2014! 

Please see full invitation here: CIC 2014 invitation

Organizing Committee:
Tor Arne Martius-Hammer (chair), SINTEF
Harald Justnes (co-chair), SINTEF
Morten Bjerke, Norw. Concrete Ass.
Jan Eldegard,
Eivind Heimdal, Veidekke
Terje Kanstad, NTNU
Kjersti K. Dunham, Norw. Public Roads Adm.
Tore Kvande, SINTEF
Tor Ole Olsen, Dr.techn Olav Olsen
Magne M Wiggen, mmw architects

  • Date:11.06.2014 kl 0900
    13.06.2014 kl 1700
  • Venue: Hotel Royal Christiania, OSLO, NORWAY
  • Area:Anlegg
  • Conference number:1411200
  • Register by:21.04.2014
  • Conference fee:
    • Kr 5000,- NB personal member
    • Kr 6000,- Non member
    • All prices are exclusive 25% VAT.
  • Latest cancellation:30.04.2014
  • Cancellation fee:Kr 1500,-
  • Contact: Henny Cathrine Braarud
    22 94 75 00
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